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The team at Topham Family Law is passionate about helping people navigate the legal process with a down-to-earth approach that reduces stress and uncertainty as they move through the challenges of divorce, custody, and other challenging family law scenarios. 

We are committed to helping our clients through the entire process. We provide clear and concise guidance for the legal concerns but also provide referrals to resources and other professionals that can assist with non-legal concerns.  We focus on guiding our clients to find results that work best for the client and their family. 


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    As family law professional, Jaime is dedicated to guiding her clients to create outcomes that con...

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Topham Family Law is committed to answering your questions about Mediation, Family Centered Divorce, Co-parenting Services and Legal Services law issues in Grantsville, UT and throughout Tooele County, Salt Lake County, Weber County, Davis County and Utah County.

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